Louise Sophie Richter

Sie ist 'ne Powerfrau, die alle Tricks kennt.

Writer's Block: Take me as I am
Would you be upset if a long-term partner confessed that s/he'd committed a serious crime before you met? How do you think it would affect your relationship?

I would be unbelievably angry.  I...I would not stand for that.  That man would be out on the street faster than he could apologize (that is if the Schwein has the soul to do so.)

People have told me my standards are too high, but I just want a nice, law abiding man who's successful and loves dogs and...wouldn't mind having a child to appease my mother...

Warum mache ich mit? (Why am I partcipating?)
1. I ___ Germany.

2. I want to _____ Germany.

3. Germany is _____.

4. Germany and I are_____.

5. If I was alone in a room with Germany we would probably _____.

6. I wish Germany could ______.

7. Germany should ______.

8. Germany reminds me of _____.

9. If Germany was an animal, she would be a ________.

10. One day, Germany and I will ________.

11. If Germany leaves I will ________.

12. If Germany stays I will ________.

13. If Germany was a hooker I would ________.

14. If Germany dies I would _______.

15. If Germany asked me out I would ________.

Wie ist meine Treibende?
(Title trans: How's my driving? Tara--what you used in your post was the verb form; treibende is the noun for driving.)
(Username trans: The Superwoman--it comes from this song, plus, damn if Germany wouldn't be one.)

Feel free to tell us how we're doing with fem!Germany, also feel free to approach us for any German translation needs.  Mun has been taking German in school for 6 years.

On to contact info:
AIM-McMuffinDragon (this is rarely, if ever, used though)
leave us an e-mail- McMuffinDragon@gmail.com (this is checked compulsively)

At anytime feel free to hassle [info]dragonsflame713 she likes to forget that this exists (what with the whole looking for a college, trying to sort out the rest of her life business), so please remind her. OR, you can antagonize au_hetalia's Germany sicher_sieger also played by this Mun.

I believe that is it.
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